Understand What You Are Hearing First And The Rest Will Follow

January 8th, 2011

Music seems to be full of contradictions. It is very simple but can sound
very complex at times. After all music is perceived by what we hear, and
what we understand about what we hear. Music as a language is a
conversation in sound based on what we hear, and want to say.

So it seems really important in order to join a conversation that we have
to understand the language being spoken. In order to learn that language
accurately.. Transcribing seems to be the way to learn the musical

A case in point is the music of Wes Montgomery. Although from what I have
learned is that Wes didn’t read music, and that he learned many of
Charlie Christian solos note for note. Obviously this gave him many
lessons in phrasing, playing variations of themes, rhythm choices etc.

That is probably one of the best ways to learn music and that is by
listening, although we all come to the table with different experiences. Listening and understanding what we hear is most important. Now Wes was
supposed to have learned a lot of his music before he even picked up a

So what he learned early on by listening to the masters like Charlie
Christian early on was only a springboard for him to find his own voice
and develop his own style.

The point I am trying to make is transcribing is an important part of a
musical education. Although Wes didn’t read, he aurally learned solos off
of records to learn the language and then was able to go on and have an
ability to express himself in that language. Transcribing is a way to
accomplish this, because it forces you to listen concentrating to the
music being played immediately.

By writing out the music you are accomplishing a variety of things at the
same time. You are  learning how to notate rhythms, voicings, and melodies
and chords, phrasing and so much more. Especially when you spend time
with the music you like. You can take a lesson from any of your favorite
musicians or singers by learning to transcribe their music.

So Wes Montgomery is one of many who have learned by listening to those
who have come before and went on to express himself in the language of
music. That same door of learning is open to all listeners and players

I highly recommend transcribing as a method of learning. In fact it can
be considered as important as learning your instrument. Just think about
it. Gaining facility after hours of practice is good. Making music is a
complete other subject. Transcribing enables a student to absorb the
music and learn it on another level.

A good book that discusses music and transcribing thoroughly is Hearing
and Writing Music: Professional Training for Today’s Musician (2nd
Edition) by Ron Gorow. A no nonsense book that get’s right to the core of
what music is all about. From the basics of rhythm, intervals, and
harmony from an easy to understand point of view. It is a complete text
that even professionals hold it in high regards. I don’t recommend many
books. but for the sake of saving time in the learning curve this book is
a must have.

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My First Saxophone Purchase Online

October 11th, 2010

Although I had already purchased a soprano saxophone online, I didn’t realize buying online could be so easy, and convenient. I was a bit apprehensive at first when I bought the soparano. I did a lot of research and actually discussed with many people who had already purchased a similar instrument what their experience was like.

I was pleased with many of the comments that were positive from the good players expressing the pros and cons of buying online. All of the vendors that I considered had a return policy that was acceptable to me. Many of the players said they were looking for a second instrument. They were actually looking for a spare that they could take on a gig that wouldn’t put their primary instrument in jeopardy, of theft or damage.

I actually found a soprano on eBay that was brand-new and actually played in tune, evenly up-and-down. It seems that the most important thing was to have the correct mouthpiece, and reed to get the sound I was looking for. Of course I was fortunate that the instrument felt right in my hands, what more could I ask for.

Since that purchase I have been convinced that there is a great opportunity to buy instruments online. Although you have to really be careful with who you deal with. Making sure that the vendor is honest, reliable, and reputable. I think it’s a great opportunity for youngsters are going to school and want to get a quality instrument for a reasonable price. Of course I can’t trust too much when shopping around to find a good honest vendor to deal with. There are many online that have great deals on great instruments.

I think the  internet has changed or will change the way a lot of us do a lot of things. Look how it has changed the way we communicate, shop, work, how we are entertained, and so forth!

So buying a saxophone is just another thing to add to the list. If you love to play your horn then the door is open to get to know what’s available out there by looking around online and checking out some more horns.

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Free Plug N Play List Building System

September 18th, 2010

Can A Listbuilding System Be TOTALLY Automated?

I know we’re all a bit sick and tired of promises of “automated software” that will make us rich before dinner.

And I’m always the first to be skeptical of these kinds of outrageous claims.

But today I may have to actually eat my words.

Because I just picked up a listbuildilng system that really is incredibly fast…,

And the traffic actually does keeps flow in on auto-pilot.

It’s a pretty new tactic on the scene that I’ve heard of.

But I never really knew how to implement it.

Then I found this:

<a href=”http://neverfaillistbuilding.com/freestuff/video-2/”>Free Plug N Play Listbuilding System</a>

At that link 7 figure marketer Bill McRea is  GIVING AWAY this listbuilding system totally free…

It’s his way of getting some buzz going for his upcoming product launch (apparently he’s go another system up his sleeve that’s even better than this)

In any case..

I went and got this myself and it’s totally legit.

There’s nothing scammy about it all.
It’s just a way to instantly create a win-win offer that potential JV partners can’t refuse.

Bill hand you EVERYTHING you need to make it work. And I mean EVERYTHING.

So if you know the power of having a mailing list..

Do yourself a favor and go get this.

Do it now: <a href=”http://neverfaillistbuilding.com/freestuff/video-2/”>Free Plug N Play Listbuilding System</a>

I mean…you can’t beat the price, right?

P.S. There is one catch to this…you’ll have to help spread the word. But that’s easy for me because I’ve seen this strategy in action and know that it works.
You should get <a href=”http://neverfaillistbuilding.com/freestuff/video-2/”>Free Plug N Play Listbuilding System</a> now!

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Saxophone Players Buy Saxophones Online!

July 31st, 2010

Most saxophone players are always tweaking their horns. That is probably a good thing because that’s a sign of adjusting to perfection. You are are possibly looking for that right horn, special mouthpiece, a great reed, or more maybe quantities of these items at better prices.

Or you may need to make adjustments from time to time because you are playing in a different setting, and are trying to get a different sound. Another possibility is you may or not live in an area that has a well stocked saxophone store where you have a wide choice of some of these specialty items available.

You maybe a beginner just starting out, a student player, or a road toughened sax warrior. In other words you may find yourself in a less than ideal location to find all of these items.

Horns, mouthpieces and reeds seem to be the big three items to be concerned about, but it seems there are other items a saxophone player needs too. Items such as cases, neck straps, reed adjustment kits etc etc. The internet has become the shopping place of choice for  more and more musicians.

However it seems that at the same time there has been a negative spin by some who have actually bought horns online. No doubt some have had some bad experiences, perhaps they did not take the necessary precautions in shopping and purchasing online.On the other hand many have had great success in purchasing saxophones and saxophone accessories online. Many have purchased quality  products at reduced prices. For others price may not be an object but choice and selection is.

Also there are a great many manufacturers and vendors that have come online recently that have made it convenient to shop for, buy, and ship these products to you. So it can actually be a win win for both shopper and seller online.

In an effort to condense the process my aim is to try to locate these vendors and sort of do some pre shopping for you. At least in the beginning create lists of where you can find these vendors, and saxophone products and accessories.

Also as good deals come along If you sign up for my list and check the blog from time to time. I will then email you and present some of these great buys as they come up.

I am compiling an e-book, that is meant to be read while online. The Saxophone Player’s Online Buyers Guide. It will be of assistance to you when you are going through the process of shopping for and buying some of this stuff online. So if you will sign up for our email list and come back to our blog from time to time, we hope to bring some of these items to you as they become available.

Thanks for coming!


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